About Me

Hi Everyone, I’m Bill, I live in the suburbs of New York. I have had an Electrical Contracting firm for 39 years in the City of New York.  I was licensed in NYC and a suburb called Westchester County.  As of now I am retired and was looking for a small thing to do to occupy my time.

Before I had gone into business, we were able to get about eight guy’s together to play racquetball on Sunday mornings.  I finally got good at it playing every week.  Then as anything else we disbanded, who left the neighborhood, who couldn’t do it any more, because Sunday’s were family day.  This was great exercise but once stopped, some of the weight came back.

When owning a house there are a multitude of things to do all the time, to keep it up.  So when you want to retire, maybe downsize a little so now things change a great deal. Your kids are grown and you sell your house, move into a condo or townhouse. Then ask yourself, what am I going to do with my time now.  A couple of times a week you deliver food with “Meals on Wheels”.  But then you want to do something for yourself.  This is when I found Wealthy Affiliates.       Come Check It Out

Now we have 6 grandchildren and my wife still works part time during the week.  So that makes me the stay at home MOM.  So the small thing I found to do is make webpages.  It really is a job, it takes some time to make and write pages about a niche.  As of now I have started my 2nd website from Wealthy Affiliates. The 1st one is sneakersontherun.com and now the 2nd mywealthyaffiliatesite.com.

Today, everyone is looking for the better way to go, if they could find it.
If you are one of those people, come find out what its all about.

Always I wish you all the Best and Good Computing.


Founder of mywealthyaffiliatesite.com and