How To Make Money With Your Website At Home

How Do You Make Money With Your Website At Home?

Every day I see the surrounding people, getting in their cars early in the morning, going to work. These people are good people, keeping with tradition to take care of their families. I live in the outskirts of New York and during the winter, sometimes its very hard because of the snow or bad weather to get to the city.

So what are you suppose to do to put food on the table?

Everyone nowadays knows how to use a computer and cell phone. Even my 5 year old grandson, sits with a cell phone playing games. We just have to guide our children a little to learn but not to be couch potatoes.

I feel for these people. OK, so maybe that’s not quite true. I take my wife to work first, then most of the time I hit the gym. After working out, I come home and clean up the kitchen, maybe vacuum the rugs, take out the garbage and be a stay at home dad. Then relax most of the day watching TV. Since my children are grown and have their own children.

This was not the greatest thing I like doing. I am retired and my wife say’s “Get a Job”. So I think, what can I do at home to add some money to the household. All the years working, I had used computers, so I went and found a numerous amount of sites on how to make money on line. From doing surveys, to making blogs and trying to sell them, to even writing a book.

So I figured, alright I can do this. When I found Wealthy Affiliates it was like going back to college for an extra class on how to make profitable web pages and posts.

The video lessons were as good as they said and since I was able to go through them at my own pace, which took about 2 months. At that time I almost had 2 websites with the basic pages and posts completed.

The best part of the whole scenario is the community. If it is snowing here, I can talk to people around the world, where the weather is ninety degrees and they may be surfing. These people, lets say in Australia, which is Summer there and Winter here. Telling me how great it is there, because they are getting such a tan. Then they tell me to check out their website and wow, I feel like I want to jump on a plane and go. (If I had the extra money)

Now we all know that you can’t just leave all your grand kids and family here and vacation any time you want. But since I started these websites, I wonder how many people would like to make enough money and be able to go anywhere in the world on vacation. Some dream place, where the waters are bluer than blue, and the fishing for marlin is the greatest thing.

Alright, not to get off the track too much. The Wealthy Affiliate program, to me, is the best way to make websites, put out reviews on different things out there. Help other people see things about the way you live and places where you live. You never know if they would ever be able to get and see where and how this part of the world lives. This also goes for you to be able to see parts of the world where they live.

To me, this is why this program is so great. The community extends to all parts of the world, not to just talk to other cultures, but to see the beauty of their living styles. Just think, close your eyes and picture the Kennedy Space Center in Florida or the Eifel Tower in Paris, or the beautiful waters of Aruba. Places that come up when trying to figure out where to go this year on vacation. But with this program, all you have to do is ask someone where you would like to go and I am sure they would be happy to show you around different places in their country.

So when we make these websites (pages and posts), we want to enrich and help others with the niche we pick to write about. Even if we have some affiliate stores on our site, this will show people around the world the things that are in our neck of the woods. There are a lot of people asking to critique their web pages and posts, and when you do, a lot of times you see where and how others live.

So my conclusion to everyone is never stop learning. If you decide to come to Wealthy Affiliate to start writing your website posts and pages, just click hereI would be most grateful for all that come and  try this program.  To start it costs nothing.  And believe me it grows on you.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank You


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    1. Hello Valecia; Thank you for the kind words. To tell you the truth, I never went to college, I worked in construction all my life. I happened to be an electrician. I only found out lately that the more posts and pages you put out, your writing gets better and better. I hope I can keep it up, I love it. Haven’t had anybody to sign up through my site. So I guess I’m not going to LA yet.


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