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Retiring With Class

Some of the best gifts could include classes on cooking, dancing, painting, or even lessons on a specific instrument. But you would have to do a little research first because dancing could be the best gift ever for some people and an ultimate gift from hell for others.


Some people are really into their hobbies. Some hobbies need a constant stream of supplies. For instance a colorful yarn for a knitter or special seeds for a Gardner. Try to find out if they have any special plans after retiring. For example, if they are planning on moving to a warmer climate and are going to play a lot of golf, you could buy some golf balls or golf clothing.

Bucket List

Almost everyone has a bucket list. Maybe they want to travel to different destinations. A recent survey by AARP found 889 Baby Boomers were planning on domestic and international travel over the next 5 years. The most popular places are Hawaii, Australia, Italy, Alaska, the UK and Ireland.


Retirement is a great opportunity to learn a new skill that you never had time for before. Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a little relaxation. A trip to the spa or a gift card for a nice haircut can help you feel your best. As one retires it is a welcome respite from the daily grind. But after a few years, some of us will be looking for a New Sense Of Purpose.

As for myself I retired 3 years ago and found myself busier then when I was working. Mainly because you would go to one job in the morning, work all day, and come home at night. Well when you retire you have time on your hands and find helping others with their needs. Whether it is family, friends or neighbors, there is always someone who need something.

So I started to look for a small job around my area. Nothing really interested me. Since I had some computer skills, I looked online and found a program that taught ” How to make money on line”. It’s like going back to school and learning a new skill online. The only difference is you do it at home at your own pace. So I said to myself, this may be for me.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

As I looked into it, I found an awesome community online that would help me all the way through if I needed it.

This program is taught at the Wealthy Affiliate University. I was skeptical at first, but found it very interesting not only to make web pages but I was able to talk ” by texting ” to people around the world. If they needed help or if I needed help, there was always someone in the community that could give you advice or answer any question you may have regarding the lessons.



By now you are probably thinking, this might be another way l could make money online. But is it a scam? First, let me tell you this way:

The Product:

Co-Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Cost: Starter / Free Membership If you decide to go Premium within 7 days ($19), after that its $49 a month or $359 yearly

Rating: 95 out of 100

The business was started in 2005, and has over 1.2 million members. Their program is very simple and has a step by step video teaching method. Their whole idea is to help you create a successful long term business. If it is money you are looking to make, this is the place where you will learn how to make it.

You will be:

  • Building Websites
  • Be Able To Get Search Engine Rankings
  • Generate Revenue
  • Training, Support and Coaching

When you first join, it is free and they have two different ways you can make websites.

Affiliate Bootcamp — The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Entrepreneur Certification — The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Now this is just the start. Once you start one of these lessons you will have started making a website and the first step to gain your goals. You will be able to make 2 websites with an extension of .siterubix to begin with. If you decide that this may be for you, they will give you a bonus of only paying $19 for the 1st month if you go Premium within 7 days. After that its $49 a month or $359 yearly.

There are a lot of benefits to joining:

1 – Live Interactive Classes

Every week they offer a live class with a man named Jay, the lead trainer. He will help you with all the new and advanced skills with new and advanced strategies and a question and answer session at the end of each video. Mainly done on Friday Evenings at 8 PM ET.

2 – Having Over 300 Hours Of Expert Education

You can go over any of these videos at any time, they will be under Live Events. As a Premium member you will have access to all these and all the past videos. This is over 300 hours of every topic imaginable. You can bring your business to the top levels, where it should be.

3 – All Kinds Of Industry Training

There is a Community Training Program, where there are 1000s of training modules to help you with your business. There are many experts on all kinds of subjects which are constantly helping others to understand things that are going on. You will have full access to this as a Premium member.

4 – Creating Your Own Training And Earn

After 3 months, you can create your own text tutorials or video training to help others and earn a monthly income. Payments will be sent monthly. Mostly through PayPal or a Check to your bank. Once you get to know the program, making your own tutorials will be easy, and you get credits for them, which can turn into cash.

5 – Free Keyword Tools

After setting up your website, now you are making posts or blogs about the website. You have the use of Jaaxy Keyword finder. There are many keyword finders out there, like serpstat, ubbersuggest, keyword shitter, keyword everywhere. or even just google itself. I have found Jaaxy Keyword finder is one of the best, and Jaxxy Lite is free as long as you are a premium member.

When you find a keyword, you would use it and write a post or blog around that keyword for your website. I personally have found keyword everywhere to be great. It is also free, but has to be used with Chrome.

6 – Website Design

When you are making your website, there are thousands of theme’s you are able to use, over 1000000 pictures as well. All of this is as a Premium Member. You are able to start for free, but not have the use of all the benefits. You would be limited. As you can see, in the middle of the page above, you are taught different techniques of how to attract peoples attention. I am not saying everyone is going to read every word, but a ” picture is worth a 1000 words “.

7 – Social Media

The next step after making your website and starting to make your posts, is to advertise each post individually. This is done with Social Media. We all have Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. This is just some places to show people your website. In Facebook there are all kinds of Groups to post to. People will then begin to trust your posts and you as long as you are honest with all of them.


In Conclusion: So my conclusion to everyone is never stop learning. If you decide to come to Wealthy Affiliate to start writing your website posts and pages, just click here. I would be most grateful for all that come and try this program. To start it costs nothing. And believe me it grows on you.


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