Jaaxy’s Keyword Research

Need some idea’s for a keyword program?  Everyone is looking for the best of the best in all that we do. So I want to bring out the best keyword system to all of my friends out there.


Jaaxy’s Power To Bring You New Keywords

When someone wants to make websites its sometimes very hard to find the right wording as they go along, especially when it’s their 200th post or page.  This is where keywords come in handy.  When Jaaxy was formed it helps with not only keywords but to find a niche for their website.  A niche is the essence of ones website.  When the perfect niche is found that’s when we want to spread all the good news to everyone.  Lets say we had found a niche about “pocketbooks”.  Well then you would research all the pocketbooks, the good and the bad, how big or how small, and then wright all the things to show everyone which one of the pocketbooks would be worth buying.


What Jaaxy Offers

When you open Jaaxy you come across their Dashboard. It shows a lot of things like the QSR (competition data) Domain Search, Siteranking, Keyword Lists, and Alphabet Soup Platforms.

Jaaxy Starter has 30 free Keyword Searches, 20 Keyword Results at a time, 2 saved lists, and more all for free.
Jaaxy Lite has Unlimited free Keyword Searches, 25 Keyword Results at a time, 25 saved lists as a Premium Member, all for free.
Jaaxy Pro ($19 a month or $199 a year) has Unlimited Keyword Searches, 30 Keyword Results at a time, Unlimited lists and much more.
Jaaxy Enterprise ($49 a month or $499 a year) has Unlimited Keyword Searches, 35 Keyword Results at a time, Unlimited lists and much more.

Jaaxy in 2018 / 2019 is really going to be something special.  They can assure you of that.


Jaaxy Is Now The Official Keyword Tool Of Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy Dashboard opens in a new window everytime. It will track historical rankings, monitor your websites authority.  It will  manage connections or upgrades. You can change the settings and configure it to your needs. Now that it is the official keyword search tool for wealthy affiliate, you can’t find anything better on the internet. Like I had said in the beginning, you can’t beat the wealthy affiliate school of learning and if they endorse Jaaxy, it has to be the best.  This will be the fastest innovation in keyword research technology ever.


Intergration Of The Keywords

Your research, rankings, and keywords are now going to be able to interact with other elements of your business. A lot of changes are coming in 2018.  Some people may say that Jaaxy is a scam, but if you are in need of any keywords this is the place to be for them.  Especially because it is free.  The best part I like is that you can put in a niche that you like and it will tell you if it good, bad or ugly.  Maybe not ugly, but this would help a great deal when you are looking to start a new website.  So keep plugging.

As Far As A Conclusion

I can not say enough about this, you will just have to come to Jaaxy and see for yourself.

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