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Your Blogging Success Guide

Want to become a blogging expert?  Now a days there are more people finding that blogging can be a profitable business. You could make some extra money a month or make a full time living from it.  There are thousands of people making money from blogging.

If you are ready to blog , why not try ” Your Blogging Success Guide”.  Its free.  Can anyone make money blogging?  The answer to this question is NO.  Blogging requires you to be able to create content interesting enough for readers to want to come back again and again.  Wheather you are giving advice on fishing or blogging about your life playing golf every day.  This would be completely up to you.

A blog is about getting to know your readers.  If you can’t get any readers for your blog, that means, no traffic and no money to be made.  But if you can keep your people interested and coming back more than once, then you really would have a solid starting point to be able to make some money.

Some Things You Are Going To Need

A Niche —

If you want to monetize a blog, you will have to have a blog and a niche to write about.  If you do not have one now, don’t worry, just follow the steps here

Time —

Once you set up, you will need time to write your blog posts.  This will be your largest expense.  The time making your blog posts.  It can take some people a few minutes to a couple of hours to make relevent content for your niche.

How Blogging Works

When someone hears that blogging can make money, most people ask right away “How do bloggers make money blogging”?  Before I started, I would ask the same question.  The answer is really simple, either the blogger has a niche everyone wants to read about or they use their blog as a “property” to advertise.


There are 3 key points a blogger has to follow:


1 – Create Excellent Or Better Content

First you have to have a niche, you have to add high quality content which is your blog.  Once you know your niche you have to blog posts about what you want to say or tell your people.


2 – Build and Promote Your Brand

You have to start with, lets say “puppys”.  Then you can write a blog about “Husky’s” , a 2nd blog about “Retrivers” or “Pugs” etc.  This way people would be interested in what you are saying.  While creating your content, build a relationship through social media, commenting, forums, or promoting others.  If no one knows you exist, then you would not get any visitors.  You have to put yourself out there.


3 – Choose Different Kinds Of Income Streams

A lot of people just want to try and do this step without the other two.  It doesn’t work.  All bloggers are consistantly looking for new ways to make money.  The key for bloggers to make good money, is to have multiple income streams.  Even if it is a little here and a little there, it starts to mount up.

Bloggers also use other blogs to launch other projucts, such as ebooks, books, promoting other products etc.

If you are ready to start blogging you can get my free book here.


Ways You Can Make Money

Every blogger has different kinds of income streams.  Knowing what kinds of income streams there are would be very helpful and can give you different ideas.   But jumping the gun and trying to monetize your blog before it is ready, you can run the risk of damaging your reputation before you even start.

Display Ads

Display Ads are graphics or pictures simular to ads in a magazine.  Typically they are added into your blog in the sidebar, header, footer or within the content.  You could also use banner ads from different companies.  They are put in to the blog to compliment the blogs content, making it attractive and relevent to your visitors.  Advertisers hope your people click on those images to explore their products and make a purchase.

Private Ads

Private Ads are simular to the display ads where they come in the form of buttons or graphics adn are usually in teh sidebars.  They are good because there is no middle man, its an arrangement between a blogger and an idividual small business or company.

Giveaways & Reviews

When you have read other blogs, you have seen a review or giveaway and may have been a participant by getting a free pamplet or product.  Sometimes a company will give a blogger some of its products to give away to his/her readers.  Giveaways are listed here because some bloggers charge for thes giveaways.

Sponsored Ads

A Sponsored Ad means you work with a company and write a post about their product or service.  Be upfront and disclose your relationship with your readers.  Keep the sponsored posts to a minium so you don’t turn off your readers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when the blogger promotes someone else’s products or service and earns a commission when one of his/her readers click through the affiliates link and makes a purchase.


The Bottom Line

The Bottom LIne is, making money as a blogger is possible and very straight forward.  Keep the 3 key points in mind and you will have a great foundation for becoming a successful blogger.

So what does this mean for you?  If you are ready to blog, this free book will help you get started and give you the best pointers around to start.

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