The Best Website Builder For Small Business

The Best Website Builder For Small Business

When you make a website, it is a collection of web pages, based on your business and identified under a Domain Name, then published on a web server (platform).  Most of the time you will have to pay someone or another company to host your website.

It is then accessible to a public network such as the internet or a private local network which would strictly be an in-house setup within your company.  The information would be able to be sent to employees that work for the company.

Building a Website


There are different kinds of websites, you have a personal website, a company website, a government website or sometimes a non-profit website.  Websites are usually set up for a particular subject or a specific purpose.  They could range from entertaining, social networking, providing news or education.  All publicly accessible websites collectively make up the World Wide Web.  When companies have a private web site for its employees only it is called an intranet.

Webpages are documents that are written in plain text.  These documents then are sent over a computer either over the internet or internally of a company to all their other employees.


Hyperlinking between webpages tells the reader the site structure and tells them the site navigation which usually starts with the home page containing a directory of the site content.  Most websites want you to sigh up and subscribe to their site.  Some of these websites include business sites, news sites, academic journal sites, gaming sites, file-sharing sites, message boards, web-based emails or social networking websites.  Most websites could access websites from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet computer, a smartphone or a Smart TV.

Websites have many functions and can be used in different ways.  They can be the work of an individual, a business or an organization and usually are dedicated to a articular topic or purpose.  Any website can have a hyperlink to any other website.  Websites are written in (Hyper Text Markup Language)  HTML and accessed by using a software interface, known as a user agent.

A Dynamic Website s when you are looking at a webpage and the top of the page changes automatically.  Mostly different products come across the screen, depending on what you are looking at.  Notice that when you look for a product through the internet but don’t buy anything, and the next time you go on the computer, all the options and styles of the item you went to look at the day before are advertised all over the place.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

The whole purpose of this is to let you know the Best Way To Build A Website For A Small Business.  In my opinion the Wealthy Affiliate program is like going back to school for a short period of time.  There are lessons, video classes, and an enormous amount of help through out the whole course.  I have started, and have a couple of websites up and running myself.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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