WordPress for Websites

WordPress for Websites

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS). The program has to be installed on a web server which most of the time is either set up on a “hosting service” or a “network host”. WordPress.com would be one of the places set up as a “hosting service”.  For the “network host” a separate computer would be running the software program.  Any local computer can be used for learning and testing purposes.  If you set up wordpress as an independent program on your computer, you would have to pay monthly to be on someone’s platform.

There are two features included “templates” and “plugin structures”.  In Feb 2017 wordpress was used by 27.5% of the top 10 million websites being used by people around the world.  This has been the most popular hosting service in use for more then 60 million websites. WordPress was released n 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

How To Build A WordPress Website in 30 seconds (Video Proof)

Building a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds

Would you be interested in building websites for other people or for yourself? Either way I have found a place on the internet that you could build 2 websites to start for free, yes free. There are 10 lessons to learn all the in’s and out’s of making these sites. You learn at your own pace. No one would rush you to do anything.


Build A WordPress Website in 30 seconds or less


When making these websites, you will be using WordPress. This is the most up to date way most people use. When others used to make webpages they would have to go through this whole process to learn a computer language and then put it into a form for people to understand. Here there are themes that are set up already and a process of writing about your hobby’s or a niche that you know about.


There are many different themes or templates that can be used.  These themes allow the user to change the functionality and look of the website without altering the content.  The themes can be installed right from the “Appearance” section of the Dashboard.  The wordpress themes fall into two categories: free and premium.  The premium themes are available to buy.  To start out, the free themes are just as good.  WordPress users can also create and develop their own custom themes.


Plugin’s are used to extend the features and functionality of a website.  WordPress has over 50,300 plugins available which enhance the functions and features of a users site.  These functions and features are used for private information of the user, for management content and for displaying features such as adding widgets and navigation bars.  Some of the plugins, sometimes are not upgraded enough, so they do not function properly or may not work at all.  Most of the plugins are available through WordPress itself.  You just download them through the Dashboard of the WordPress.  Most of the time they are suggested to use when you pick the theme.

Originally wordpress could allow the creation of one blog per installation.  Since the new versions have been out, they allow multiple blogs within the installation.  With the new WordPress you can host your own blogging community as well as control all the blogs from one dashboard.

World Camps

Once a year there are locally organized conferences for discussing everything to do with WordPress.  The first one was in 2006 in San Francisco that lasted one day with over 500 attendee’s.  Since then, every year they have these conferences to discuss the upgrades of WordPress.

There have been 507 World Camps each year being held in over 207 cities which have been in 48 different countries around the world.


Come See What It’s All About:    Come Lets Get To Know Each Other


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4 thoughts on “WordPress for Websites”

  1. Hello Bill,
    I like your concise review about Wealthy Affiliate. I love the support provided by SiteRubix too & the ease of buiding a WordPress site & creating content using both SiteRubix & WordPress.

    Thanks for reminding me about the World Camps. I’ve saw it through the WP dashboard & its Youtube channel.

    Feel free to check out on my latest blog post regarding Pinterest whenever you’re free 🙂 : https://internet-marketing-secrets.com/pinterest-the-least-tapped-traffic-source-for-webmasters-marketers

    1. Hello Chris,
      I have seen your Pinterest video. Like I had said as a comment on your site, a lot of the things I had learnt from the WA lessons. The rest of the things are very interesting and have learnt a lot from your video. Do you want people to use your video in some of their posts also? If so let me know. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Hey Bill,

    This is a pretty good synopsis of WordPress. It is a very versatile platform. Many big manes use WordPress as well, like Huffington Post (not into their politics, but they are still a user), and it was either GM or Ford, to name a couple.

    So WordPress actually does have a lot of clout out there.

    At any rate, have a good day and keep rolling.

    1. Hello Sean;
      Have you used any thing else besides wordpress? I find it pretty good, all the others seem to be where you would have to learn coding. Wishing you all the best.


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